Day 6 – Seven Day fast

Well this is the day I have been looking forward to for the last few days. The day when I could go to sleep knowing that tomorrow I will have stayed the distance, and passed the test. God does not need my fasting. God loves me as much as he ever could. he has already blessed me as much as he ever could. His purpose for me and intention for me is beyond doubt. But I fast so that i can bring my flesh under subjection for myself. In doing so, I am able to hear from God. As the flesh is weak the spirit is strong. In this state of hunger, and weakness, I draw my strength from God. This increases my dependence on him and it increased my ability to draw in and hear him. And there is a spiritual law which says when you do that, you are able to walk more in faith than before. Therefore you please God more as you are more obedient and you start to walk more in the blessings that come from obedience to God.

So tomorrow is the end. Tomorrow night it will be seven full days with nothing but water. For someone who has never fasted before for longer than two days, it is an achievement. But I boast not in my achievement – I boast in Christ. Thank you God for the grace that has sustained me.

I am also thankful to Jo, who has been my encourager to do this. She has led strong and picked me up with scripture when I was flagging. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

And of coyrse for the record – today’s weight was 85,1kg. That is 0.6kg down from yesterday (my smallest day drop in 6 days) but that is to be expected as time goes on. Total weight loss in 6 days – 5,2 kg

Day 5 – Seven Day fast

I am writing this at the very end of day 5. The first three days seemed easier. It’s not that I have felt hungry, but today I have periods of irritability. I find I am tempted by food, more by sight than because I am hungry. Hunger has not been much of a factor all these days, I have to say.

Once I again my life has been made difficult by people eating my favourite pizza in front of me at dinner time. The sight of people eating is not a problem, but the food itself looks appealing, from an appeal point, not a hunger point.

I was busy again today but have enjoyed finding more time to study the Word. I have had a great discussion today with Andre de Villiers, the gospel singer.

Weight wise I weighed in at 85,7kg, which is 1,0kg down and 4,6kg overall in 4 days.

Day 3 – Seven day fast

I am at the end of day 3 of my first ever water only fast!

I am determined to see it to the end and there are occassional; temptations and tests – I need to keep clear of the kitchen. Anyhow, I have not been attacked by sever hunger pangs at any time. Maybe it’s like running? When I used to run (before my knee op), if I was running 32 kms, I would only feel very tired at around the 26km mark. But when I ran 42 km, I only got tired at the 37lm mark. When I ran the Comrades (which is 92km), I would not get tired until around 65km.

So now that i am fasting (or should I say planning to fast) for 7 days, I cannot afford to be starving on day 2 or 3 right? Tomorrow midday I hit the midway mark (actually technically it will be tomorrow morning woo hoo) and from then it should be all downhill.

But God is good. I have spent many hours in the Word, and researching some of the things I am grappling with. God is always faithful. I have realised (probably have always known) that the way to get to know God is by studying the Word – that is the picture He gave us about him. The more I am getting to know him, the more am impressed. There is so much to God. Much more than my simple mind can manage to comprehend.

On the weight side – today I wighed in at 87,6kg

So that is 1,1kg down from yesterday (2.6kg in two days)

Day 2 – seven day fast

Well day one came and went with only one or two struggles. This is a lot easier (so far than I expected). I am of course aware that there is a long road ahead and am waiting for the real pin to kick in. But so far so good.

I did not sleep all that well – maybe I went to bed a little earlier.

I am finding the time is flying by – there is less time to do the things I thought I would have time to do – studying the Bible really takes time – to study properly. But my friend who is fasting with me is strong and she has done this before. It is all done so I can put my flesh under. I had a picture from God some months back of the flesh and blessing – on a scale. As the flesh went down the blessing went up, and as the flesh went up, the blessing went down.

I understand that the flesh is what keeps us from getting close to God. You cannot be close to Him unless you are confident in your walk with Him.

Weight check this am 88,7kg (that is 1,6kg down in a day). It can never keep going at that pace. Bless the name of the Lord

Fasting for 7 days

So recently a lady at my church says to me that she will be fasting for 7 days at the start of the year, as part of her first fruits offering to God. Then she asks who wanta to join in the fun. Well, she never used those words exactly as I recall, but you get my drift! So, always up for a challenge, dumbo here says “I will join you”. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, I have been dreading this time because there are many unanswered questions in my mind like, “do I really want to do this?” or like “am I mad?”.

But the day finally came. It started today.

Fasting needs to be done for the following reasons:

  1. If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me
  2. It is a personal thing to bring my focus onto God and during this time I need to have the ability and availability to spend much more time in the Word, in prayer and seeking God.
  3. It needs to have a specific goal – such as a financial breakthrough, or fasting for a particular situation like a healing

Fasting should not be done for the following reasons:

  1. Out of duty to God
  2. Out of a need to lose weight (that is another type of fasting)
  3. To prove a point, to show how holy you are or to try and make God do something.

So I ate my last food last night at about 10pm and woke up this morning and have only had water all day. The good news is it is one day down (well almost). The bad news is there are six days to go!!!!

Today I have felt OK. Not massively hungry. I have had some hunger pangs – probably most strongly in the morning. Right now, I am hungry, but I have kept my mind busy and my mind on God. I hope I will have the will power to complete the race. I have never done more than 2 days before, so this could be huge. I want to give the first week of the year to God.

Out of interest I know there are weight loss benefits and I weigh myself every day anyway. For interest purposes I will record my weight each day. This morning I weighed in at 90,3kg.

Why do this? Well I want to give God my first, and best of the year. All glory to him.