Day 6 – Seven Day fast

Well this is the day I have been looking forward to for the last few days. The day when I could go to sleep knowing that tomorrow I will have stayed the distance, and passed the test. God does not need my fasting. God loves me as much as he ever could. he has already blessed me as much as he ever could. His purpose for me and intention for me is beyond doubt. But I fast so that i can bring my flesh under subjection for myself. In doing so, I am able to hear from God. As the flesh is weak the spirit is strong. In this state of hunger, and weakness, I draw my strength from God. This increases my dependence on him and it increased my ability to draw in and hear him. And there is a spiritual law which says when you do that, you are able to walk more in faith than before. Therefore you please God more as you are more obedient and you start to walk more in the blessings that come from obedience to God.

So tomorrow is the end. Tomorrow night it will be seven full days with nothing but water. For someone who has never fasted before for longer than two days, it is an achievement. But I boast not in my achievement – I boast in Christ. Thank you God for the grace that has sustained me.

I am also thankful to Jo, who has been my encourager to do this. She has led strong and picked me up with scripture when I was flagging. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

And of coyrse for the record – today’s weight was 85,1kg. That is 0.6kg down from yesterday (my smallest day drop in 6 days) but that is to be expected as time goes on. Total weight loss in 6 days – 5,2 kg