Day 3 – Seven day fast

I am at the end of day 3 of my first ever water only fast!

I am determined to see it to the end and there are occassional; temptations and tests – I need to keep clear of the kitchen. Anyhow, I have not been attacked by sever hunger pangs at any time. Maybe it’s like running? When I used to run (before my knee op), if I was running 32 kms, I would only feel very tired at around the 26km mark. But when I ran 42 km, I only got tired at the 37lm mark. When I ran the Comrades (which is 92km), I would not get tired until around 65km.

So now that i am fasting (or should I say planning to fast) for 7 days, I cannot afford to be starving on day 2 or 3 right? Tomorrow midday I hit the midway mark (actually technically it will be tomorrow morning woo hoo) and from then it should be all downhill.

But God is good. I have spent many hours in the Word, and researching some of the things I am grappling with. God is always faithful. I have realised (probably have always known) that the way to get to know God is by studying the Word – that is the picture He gave us about him. The more I am getting to know him, the more am impressed. There is so much to God. Much more than my simple mind can manage to comprehend.

On the weight side – today I wighed in at 87,6kg

So that is 1,1kg down from yesterday (2.6kg in two days)

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