Really Understanding the Lord’s Prayer

How many times have yo recited the Lord’s prayer?

I bet thousands and thousands of times. When I was young, we recited this every day at school before we sat down. I think of those days as “the good old days” because now all trace of “religion” has been removed from the schools in South Africa (and most likely wherever you live too). I see Christianity as a life lived with the God who made me – it’s a relationship (where we share life together) and not a religion (a set of rules and traditions to live by).

Having been someone who recited the Lord’s prayer many times, and having subsequently grown into an adult and heard many sermons given on prayer and the Lord’s prayer, you may be surprised (as I was myself) to discover that the power I have always known must be in the prayer, IS INDEED THERE, but I never understood it.

I have served the Lord in many churches (as an elder in a few over the last 25 year) and so you would expect I would have always had a really good deep understanding of the prayer. But I was shocked to discover recently that I knew it as a traditional prayer only. A traditional prayer gets recited at various times (sometimes the end of a church service) or at a funeral or a wedding. But then recently God showed me in my spirit what this prayer really is all about. This is the journey I wish to share with my readers. I hope you will be as blessed by this as I have been.

I would love to hear your comments and maybe testimonies as you discover this amazing power with me. I believe you will be blessed, as I have been deeply, deeply blessed. I could even say that since discovering the deeper meaning of this prayer, my life has changed radically and for the better.